Truth Matters

“Brock Turner, Brett Kavenaugh, Donald Trump and the Culture that Rewards Rapists”

I wish someone would write a book with that title.

It is no accident that a sexual predator is the head of state of the United States of America, which also happens to be the largest historical greenhouse gas emitter and the possessor of the most destructive military on the planet.

What may be an accident, or a “simple twist of fate,” is the irony that the United States, and its global influence, may also be the fertile ground upon which the end of patriarchy and rape culture is ignited. As a citizen of this great country, and it is unquestionably great, I hope that this spark becomes manifest.

If there is any redemption possible for the abuse of greatness, it is certainly up to us in this most powerful and wealthy nation to find it, for there will be no history to tell if we do not.

The first step toward redemption is always acknowledgement of truth, usually a truth that has been buried by the false authority of power. The “authority of power” in itself is a falsification of truth, for authority resides in truth, not in power. This is a self-evident fact.

The only force great enough to bury truth in favor of power is culture, and the only force great enough to change a culture of falsehood is a counter-culture of truth.

The path of truth leads to love and creation as surely as the path of power leads to denial and, ultimately, hate and destruction. The ability to discern the difference is a matter of character and will.

Justice is the process by which mistakes of character on the journey toward truth are reconciled.

Liberation is the process by which unity is striven for in the expression of justice and truth in human culture.

Liberty, on the other hand, simply exists. It cannot be granted nor taken away. Liberty is merely a description of an individual’s freedom to choose to go against truth or not. Liberty is a fact of being human. It is arguably the fact that defines the paradoxical nature of what being human is.

Matters of character, will, truth and reconciliation are challenging, even for pairs of individuals, families, clans and neighborhoods. For nations and tribes, even more so. For confederations, there is an even greater order of magnitude of complexity. For a whole planet including billions of souls, the complexity is unfathomable.

In this context, forging a counter-culture of truth is a daunting task, one far beyond the ability of any single human mind, or even group of like-minded individuals, to plan for and execute. There is no Little Red Book or Green New Deal that will fix everything. This is a good thing (even though it can be frustrating.) It does not mean that we should not fight for a Green New Deal. It does mean that while what we do matters, its cultural impacts may matter much more!

The degree to which we sacrifice truth to get things done is the degree that we sacrifice culture. If we sacrifice culture we sacrifice liberation, justice and now, at this point in history, even survival, to power. In today’s struggle, process and content both matter completely and inseparably. This is an anti-male-supremacist, pro-justice, earth centered countercultural stand.

What we do is engineering, economics and policy. How we do what we do is culture. What we do is content. How we do it is process.

Process matters. Culture matters. Truth matters.

Only a culture of truth can bring us justice. And only a culture of justice can solve the human crises we face globally.  We must not only stop business as usual. We must also disrupt culture as usual.



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